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Fragrance Masterclass Perfume Reorder

Fragrance Masterclass Perfume Reorder

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We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible journey you embarked upon when you attended our Fragrance Masterclass. Remember those magical moments, when you carefully selected each note, unlocking a symphony of scent that was uniquely yours?

Now, we invite you to experience that delight once again by indulging in a reorder of your custom-made perfume. We have made it effortlessly convenient for you to reclaim the magic, ensuring that your beloved fragrance is never far away. 

Your formulation will be EDP (eau de parfum) with a concentration of 15-20% depending the fragrance notes that you selected during your workshop. 

Important Info

You or the person you are ordering for must have attended our Houston, TX Fragrance Masterclass workshop to purchase this product. Reorders are not available for participants of the Miami Fragrance Masterclass as our aromas have changed. 

Be sure to enter the full name that was written on the final formula sheet at the workshop. If you are ordering for someone else, you must write their full name.

The bottle design is subject to change and the design in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Learn more about our shipping and refund policies. 

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