What happens during a Fragrance Masterclass?

Introduction: You will be introduced to the world of fragrance and receive an overview of how fragrances are made. You will learn about the different fragrance families as well as top, middle and base notes. 

Evaluation: During this part of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to smell a collection of aromas. Your host will share important information about the properties of each aroma, it's family as well as the effect that it has in a perfume. 

Trial: Once you have evaluated all aromas, you will begin to build the concept for your perfume by smelling the sniff strips in combination with one another. Participants can craft their fragrance according to their tastes and preferences. Your host will then guide you through the trial phase where you will have an opportunity to make a sample of your perfume and test it on your skin. Up to two trials are offered.  

Construction: Once you have completed your trial, your host will bottle your final formula and you will be able to take your fragrance home at the end of the workshop. You have the option to take home the 10ml bottle included or you can upgrade to a larger bottle. 

Perfume can be reordered in the future directly on the website and shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada. 

The Fragrance Masterclass that I want to book is sold out/unavailable, or there are not enough spaces for available for myself and my guest(s). Is there anything you can do?

Our capacity is setup in a way that allows us to give our guests the best possible experience and the calendar accurately reflects our workshop availability. Please select a date and time that is available and can accommodate your group size.

I would like to book the Fragrance Masterclass for my event or party. How do I go about doing that?

For a group of 12 or fewer participants, you can select the Private Group Masterclass.

If you would like for us to show up at your event and setup a fragrance bar, you may visit the Private Scent Event.

What kind of aromas will be offered?

We will offer our most popular aromas from different fragrance families such as floral, woody, citrus, fruity, gourmand, herbal and musky-animalic. The aromas we provide are appreciated by both men and women and are EDP (eau de parfum) strength. 

All of our perfumes blends are clean, non-toxic and cruelty-free. We offer a mix of clean aroma molecules, natural isolates and essential oils, all professional grade.

I'm interested in learning perfumery so that I can create my own line of fragrances. Do you all offer services for that?

Our Fragrance Masterclass is geared towards individuals and groups that want the unique experience of creating their own custom scent. While we do share in depth knowledge regarding the selection of aromas used in the workshop, the information is not comprehensive enough to satisfy the curriculum you would need to pursue a career in perfumery. 

We would advise you to seek out other resources locally as well as online to help you reach your goal. 

What if I create a perfume in the Fragrance Masterclass and I want to order multiple bottles for the purpose of resale?

At this time, we don't offer any wholesale prices or volume pricing, so you would be subject to the standard price. We have no objection to you reselling your custom perfume, however we do not accommodate any special design requests where the bottles or labels are concerned. You are however welcome to order as many custom bottles as you please for whatever purposes you desire. 

Can I just tell you what I like and order a custom perfume without attending the Fragrance Masterclass? 

At this time, we do not offer this service. 

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