Where is Fragrance Masterclass located?

Houston, Texas

Will you return to Miami in the future?

We have no plans to bring Fragrance Masterclass back to the state of Florida in any capacity. 

Can you host an event at my location?

We do offer workshops at business or commercial locations in Houston and its surrounding areas. Offsite workshops at private residences are not available. 

We only offer the experience in a workshop format and it is the same structure as our standard class. We can adjust your event workshop so that it is either one hour, ninety minutes or two hours.  

We do not offer "perfume bars" or "mixing stations" and our instructors do not make perfume for the guests. 

To learn more, email us with the proposed date(s), location, number of attendees and any other relevant information about your event.  

What happens during a Fragrance Masterclass?

Introduction: You will be introduced to the world of fragrance and receive an overview of how fragrances are made. You will learn about the different fragrance families as well as top, middle and base notes. 

Evaluation: You will have an opportunity to smell a collection of aromas. Your host will share important information about the properties of each aroma, it's family as well as the effect that it has in a perfume. 

Trial: You will begin to build the concept for your perfume. Participants can craft their fragrance according to their tastes and preferences. Your host will then guide you through the trial phase where you will have an opportunity to make a sample of your perfume and test it on your skin. Up to two trials are offered.  

Construction: You will mix your perfume, bottle it and you will be able to take your fragrance home at the end of the workshop. You have the option to take home the 10ml bottle included or you can upgrade to a larger bottle. 

Is this workshop suitable for men?

Yes! Perfume can be made by anyone regardless of gender. 

The Fragrance Masterclass that I want to book is sold out or unavailable.

We keep our class size small in order to give our guests individual attention and a more personalized experience. Our calendar is always up-to-date and it accurately reflects our workshop availability.  

What is the minimum age for participation?

Participants must be at least 12 years old. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.

While making a signature perfume is a lot of fun, there are some technical aspects involved and it is too complex for children under the age of 12. We do not make exceptions to our minimum age requirement. 

I would like to book the Fragrance Masterclass for my private event or party. 

If you have a group of 12 or fewer, you can book a private event at our workspace. While we are happy to be included in any special celebrations and festivities, we do not allow the installation of decorations and food/drinks are not permitted. 

If your event will have more than 12 participants, we are happy to host a workshop at a business or commercial location of your choosing. 

What if I am allergic to or sensitive to perfume?

The intent behind making a perfume is to explore and engage deeply with fragrance, so if fragrance is a trigger for any health issues, you would not be a suitable candidate for participation and we would advise you to sit this one out. We do not cater towards sensitivities or make light fragrances. 

Where do we park?

All parking is either street parking or garage parking. There is no dedicated lot for customer parking. More information about parking at a specific workshop location can be found on that location's workshop page. 

How do I reschedule my workshop? 

Your workshop can be rescheduled, as a one-time courtesy, at no cost up to 48 hours before it’s scheduled start time. The link to reschedule is located at the bottom of the booking confirmation email. Last-minute reservations that are made when a workshop is less than 48 hours do not qualify for a free reschedule. 

Can we bring food and drinks to the workshop? 

To avoid contamination issues, food and drinks are not permitted in our workspace.

What kind of aromas will be offered?

We offer aromas from many different fragrance families, such as the floral, woody, citrus, fruity, gourmand, spicy, amber, herbal/mint, green, tobacco-leather, marine-ozone and musky-animalic families. The aromas we provide are appreciated by all genders. Your finished perfume formula will be an EDP (eau de parfum) strength. All of our perfumes contain alcohol.  

I'm interested in learning perfumery or creating my own line of fragrances.

While we do share information about the aromas used in the workshop, the information is not comprehensive enough to satisfy the curriculum you would need to pursue a career in perfumery.

We instruct in a workshop format only, which means every customer must create their own perfume. Our workshop would be a great experience to help you discover the types of notes that you prefer before finding a supplier to help you create your professional line of fragrances. 

What if I create a perfume in the Fragrance Masterclass and I want to order multiple bottles for the purpose of resale?

We don't offer wholesale or volume pricing, nor do we permit the resale of perfume that displays our branding. 

Can I order the aromas used to make the perfume in Fragrance Masterclass?

Our aromas are custom made and are exclusively available for use during the workshop. We do not sell the individual aromas. A lot of effort has gone into creating beautiful formulations for our classes and we do not share proprietary information regarding our suppliers or formulas. 

Can I just tell you what I like and order a custom perfume without attending the Fragrance Masterclass in-person? 

We do not offer this service.