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  • Yas - Milwaukee, WI

    "This was a unique experience that would be cool for just about anyone. I went solo but it's a small group so everyone gets appropriate help and attention. The process is structured well with great use of time. It's fun and you get to go home with your own creation smelling however you want to smell."
  • Bentley - Keller, TX

    "A truly magical experience that left my wife and me in awe. We had the privilege of creating some of the most exquisite perfumes we have ever encountered. The quality of the products surpassed all expectations, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence. This perfume workshop is a hidden gem!"
  • Ivette - New York, NY

    "My husband and I created perfumes that we love! The instructor was very thorough and explained the process effortlessly and with kindness. I am not a “perfume person” but I love what I created. And glad I booked it. I’d recommend this workshop. It’s a nice coming together event."
  • Randall - Austin, TX

    "Wonderful family experience with my wife and daughter. Loved the learning and doing while on site and can’t wait to share our perfume creations with some lucky friends with birthdays this month."
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Embark on a journey through the diverse fragrance notes of the olfactory families, exploring the deep history of perfume. Inhale the popular notes of perfumery alongside rare and unique aromas.


Build your signature scent from the ground up. Handpick each fragrance note and tailor the amount to your liking.


Test your perfume sample on your skin before making a decision. Need changes? Modify the ingredients and try again.


Blend your custom formula and take home your 10 ml fragrance the same day. Interested in a bigger size? Upgrade your bottle!

Why choose Fragrance Masterclass?

Our workshops are structured to offer you a fun, educational and sensual experience. Whether you are a scent connoisseur or you are coming together with your tribe to celebrate a milestone, this experience is sure to surprise and delight you.

  • Gender-Neutral

    We offer a variety of aromas from all olfactory groups that are appreciated by all genders.
  • High Quality

    Get access to commercial grade aroma molecules, essential oils, absolutes, and natural extracts.
  • Clean Ingredients

    Our alcohol based perfumes are clean and non-toxic. All of our ingredients are vegan, dye-free and cruelty-free.
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