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Reschedule Your Houston Workshop

Reschedule Your Houston Workshop

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Important information about rescheduling...

You must reschedule all time slots from the original booking at once. The fee is $25 per person. If you originally booked for one person, you must rebook for one person. If you booked for three people, you must reschedule for three people. If you only reschedule for two, the third spot is forfeited and is not eligible to be rescheduled in the future. You are repeating the same process as before, and the only thing that is changing is the date/time. 

Ensure that the full name that you provide at checkout matches the same contact information from your original booking. If the information does not match, your rescheduled reservation will be canceled. 

Rescheduling is a courtesy that is only permitted once per reservation. If you are unable to make the rescheduled reservation, you will not be able to reschedule it again.

You have up to 60 days from the date of the original reservation to reschedule your new workshop. 

Why is there a fee to reschedule?

We allow guests to reschedule at no charge up to 48 hours before the start of their experience. When you book a workshop, your spot is held and preparations are made to accommodate you. If you cancel at the last minute or fail to show up, we are unable to provide those spots that were held for you, to other customers. This leads to lost opportunities for other guests and negatively impacts our business. The rescheduling fee allows up to recoup some of the costs associated with this loss. 

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