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Fragrance Masterclass

Custom Perfume Bar

Custom Perfume Bar

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Are you ready for your guests to embark on an aromatic adventure like no other? We are thrilled to bring you an unforgettable experience that will leave your guest's senses tantalized and their hearts dancing with joy! Say hello to our custom perfume blending bar, the perfect addition to medium to large-sized private and corporate events in Miami!

The Scent-sational Soiree Awaits! 

Imagine a whimsical corner at your event where guests gather, eager to explore a symphony of captivating aromas. With our extensive collection of high-quality fragrances, guests can try a plethora of enticing aromas, finding the ones that resonate with their personality and style.

No matter your gender, age, or background, this aromatic escapade is for everyone! As your guests arrive, they will be warmly greeted by our skilled perfumer, ready to guide them through the magical world of scents. With our expert advice, anyone can confidently explore and select different aromas to create a bespoke perfume that reflects their individual essence within minutes! 

Book your scent event today! To learn more about exactly how this event is setup and how customers engage with the perfume bar, see our private event FAQ here

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